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I landed on his blog while looking up on Infinite Jest and re-reading parts of the book. Exploring reddit, trying to find what to read after Infinite Jest which works at the same level as IJ, I stumbled across this post by him predicting/ projecting what happens at the end of IJ. And I have been fascinated since.

In some vague sense, I was aware of Aaron Swartz, but not until I read this post, and explored through part of his weblog and his legacy, I realised what I have come across. It was ‘the Aaron Swartz’. The boy who could change the world. I got hooked. Read more around him, his Wikipedia page, this article in New Republic. I read about his short, tragic, intense life. And how much he could do in such a short life! I am glad that the links to his blog still work. It is an often visited site now, and I am still reading through.

Here is the blog, Raw Thought, and the series I am reading currently (Raw Nerve). And his Quote blog. And for an index to all of it, here is the archives page.

Also, to keep things objective, here is another article. Not in the best light.

What I like? The quantum of legacy left in such a  short life span. His thoughts on IJ. The intensity. His way of thinking about several things. The clear grasp of complicated issues which I often aspire to get at times.

Note for the blog

Category : People

Aaron Swartz can be the first entry on the new category of posts that I hope to add more on. People I am fascinated by. Sometimes, I look them up to get inspired. To learn something new. And sometimes, just interested in their thoughts, attracted by what they do. At other times, just intrigued, and wish to learn more about them.

People are a mix of thoughts, views, ideas – some of these are amazing, and what I hope to be inspired by. Some, not so much. But then, where was a perfect person ever? One just tries to look at the good and overlook the not-so-good.

This is a growing, changing, organic list. Perhaps represents the here and now.  And as I have often seen in myself, as times and seasons change, my current favourites get updated.  I also realise that I am often a latecomer to appreciating many famous artists, people. Once I discover them, my days are spent listening to their music, reading their blogs, or their books or looking up their work.  This seems a good way to add and keep a track of all those favourites and interests, even when they are a passing phase.